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                               ~~Dr. Tracey Gilbert~~

Dr. Gilbert has been fascinated with animals ever since she could
walk.  She grew up chasing after stray cats, dogs, garter snakes,
chipmunks, or whatever she could find (and catch) to bring home.
Sadly, her parents had the good sense to insist on releasing the
wild animals after a day of observation.

In the third grade, she announced that she was
going to be a veterinarian, and never wavered from that decision. 
She attended the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State
University and embarked upon a lifetime of working to heal any
critter that walks, runs, flies, climbs, or slithers.   Along the way,
she has been privileged to meet and work with many wonderful pet
owners, animal caretakers, and veterinary professionals.

Since coming to Green Bay many years ago, Dr. Gilbert has served
on the Boards of the Bay Area Humane Society and the Bay Beach
Wildlife Sanctuary.  She was very active in the Brown County 4H
Dog Training Project, and Packerland Kennel Club.  Currently, Dr.
Gilbert serves on the Zoological Society Board and the Advisory
Board for the NEW Zoo.

Dr. Gilbert has been the official veterinarian for the NEW Zoo and
the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary for many years.  She is very
proud to be involved with these two extraordinary animal facilities.

Dr. Gilbert lives in Luxemburg with her long-time companion, Tom,
and three dogs, three cats, and three horses.  She enjoys training and
playing with her dogs and horses, and has competed in agility,
tracking, herding, conformation, and obedience with many dogs over
the years.  The cats pretty much just train her to feed them and see
to their every desire.


                                           ~~Dr. Daniel Gray~~

Dr. Dan Gray is originally from Cedar Falls, Iowa, and graduated in
2004 from the Iowa State University of College Veterinary
Medicine.  During his education he dedicated a large amount of his
free time to education in wildlife and exotic animal medicine.   From
2004-2006 he practiced in a small animal practice in Dubuque,
Iowa, before coming to Green Bay, to work with Gentle Vet Animal
Hospital and Cat Care Clinic.  From 2005-2013 he was also a
disaster response veterinarian working for the National Veterinary
Response Team 5 through the U.S. department of HHS and the
Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams through the AVMA.   He retired
from these organizations in late 2012 to become a partner with Dr.
Gilbert in Gentle Vet Animal Hospital and Cat Care Clinic.  He's
currently excited to be working with the NEW Zoo, Bay Beach
Wildlife Sanctuary, and multiple local animal charities in addition to
full time veterinary practice.

He currently resides near Luxemburg, with his wife and 2 boys, along with 3 house cats, a cockatiel, a bevy of barn cats, and more chickens than he will admit to. 



                                         ~~Dr. Nicole Gardner~~

Dr Gardner has been with the Cat Care Clinic, our sister clinic,  for 14 years, and is frequently seen helping out at Gentle Vet as well. Her first childhood cat, Shannon, encouraged her to pursue a career in
veterinary medicine. She is also a founding board member of Cats Anonymous, Inc, a local non-profit TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) group who cares for barn and feral cats.   She enjoys relating to each cat's unique personality and keeps up to date on the latest feline medicine at Regional and National Conferences.  She believes every cat should be loved and comfortably worshiped as they see fit.  She enjoys dentistry, behavior, internal medicine cases and surgeries.



She is originally from the UP and still returns there often to visit family.  Her husband Tim participates in agility trials, dog shows, and hunt tests with Flat-coated retrievers (puppy coming soon!) and Flirt, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and she frequently goes
along to watch the competition.  The smaller dogs Tristan (a Sheltie) and Rocket (Italian Greyhound) prefer to just snuggle, eat (very cat like) and hang out at home. The three cats who run the household and boss the dogs around are Harriet,  Zara (the princess who whines if she isn't being held enough) and Clyde (who loves baiting Flirt, much to everyone's amusement!).    


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